Kidizoom Twist Blue

Vtech Kidizoom Twist Blue Digital Camera - Cheapest prices for the Kidizoom Twist Childrens digital cameraThe Kidizoom twist Blue digital camera comes in a lovely blue colour, and is packed with features and will keep all budding photographers captivated with all the functions it has built in.

There is a twistable lens built into the kidizoom camera which allows your little one to take exciting photos of their friends and family, and also turn the lens around to take self-portraits. As well as taking still pictures, the Kidizoom twist can also take video so fun movies can film clips can be made and then watched back for everyone’s enjoyment.

The Kidizoom comes with a 4x digital zoom so you can get up close to the action, and the built-in flash helps illuminate those darker times. As well as having 256mb of built in memory to store your images, there is also a SD memory slot allowing you to increase the storage on the Kidizoom.

Kidizoom Twist Blue - Cheapest Prices

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Vtech Kidizoom Twist Video


Kidizoom Twist Camera – So easy to use

The Kidizoom twist has been designed from the beginning especially for kids, so all the functions and design are perfect for little hands making it an ideal present for your budding David Bailey. The camera is really sturdy and the 2 large rubberised grips make it easy to hold and also provide the camera with protection should the Kidizoom be dropped. The 2 viewfinders in a binocular style make it very easy for your child to point and shoot at whatever they want to take a photo, as it avoids the traditional closing of one eye that little ones find so difficult to do.

There is a photo editor built into the Kidizoom twist which will provide much amusement as they put funny hats, moustaches, and warping mum and dad’s faces! Then at the end of a busy day taking photos and shooting videos everything can be watched back by connecting the Kidizoom to the TV with the cables provided, or attached to your computer via USB to transfer the works of art.

There are also 5 mini games included on the Kidizoom to provide some fun inbetween their photoshoots. All in all the Kidizoom Twist is a fantastic gift for your child and will provide a great deal of entertainment for both them and all the family who can share the works of art they create.