Kidizoom Accessories

Now you have your Kidizoom camera, you’ll find that you’ll be taking it out and about on trips and everywhere you go. What better way to help carry it around than with a matching Kidizoom camera bag, these stylish bags compliment your new Kidizoom camera perfectly and will be a big hit.

Kidizoom Camera bags

kidizoom camera carry case - Find best prices for the Kidizoom camera carry caseThe kidizoom camera bags come in 2 colours, blue and pink which match the Kidizoom cameras perfectly. There is plenty of room inside for your Kidizoom camera and it’s accessories, and comes complete with a shoulder strap to help carry it around safely. The Kidizoom carry case is very durable and makes an excellent companion to your Kidizoom camera, keeping everything safe and together when out and about.


Kidizoom Camera SD card – Extra Memory Storage

The Kidizoom camera comes with 256mb of built in memory storage which will allow you to take a large amount of photos before having to transer your images to a computer to back them up, but you can add even more memory to your Kidizoom camera using the SD memory slot by purchasing a SD memory card. This will allow you to take even more photos, or videos before having to transfer them.